Abstract Submission


Update: Unfortunately abstract submission is now closed!



Please note that abstracts can be submitted by logged user only. If you are not logged, please first Signup or Login to this website.


An abstract (max 2 pages) can be submitted in two alternative forms:


a) By uploading a LaTex source file (.tex) and the corresponding compiled pdf

To do this, first download the LaTex template of the conference. Fill it and compile it. Then, to upload the tex and pdf files please proceed to the Abstract Submission Form. If you need to upload figures, put them in a zip file together with the compiled pdf. Upload then the tex and the zip file.


b) By pasting the abstract in plain text format (like txt files) directly in the Abstract Submission Form

To do this, just fill the Abstract Submission Form and paste the abstract together with the references in the space reserved for the abstract.