Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering

Submissions to MBE are open. 
Those who expressed their preference for MBE can submit their paper from now. We will write privately on the journal suggestion to those who had not a net preference.
Please, do not forget that Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering has become an open access journal and the fee will be 800$. However, papers submitted this year will be waived of open access fee. Hence, despite our submission deadline will be on January 2019 February 28, 2019, we strongly recommend an earlier submission for those interested to publish there (Before December 31, 2018).
To submit your paper to Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, please note the following:
1. All manuscripts should be submitted electronically at
To ensure that all manuscripts are correctly identified for inclusion into the special issue it is important that you select "Neural Coding 2018" in the box "Issue", in the submission process.
2. Submitted manuscripts to Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering should adhere to the "Aims and Scope" as described at
3. Check the guide for authors:
4. For the TeX file preparation please check the URL:
There are no constraints regarding the length of submitted manuscripts.
5. Submitted manuscripts will be peer-reviewed.
Laura Sacerdote, Lubomir Kostal, Susanne Ditlevsen and Massimiliano Tamborrino